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Promise Autumn 2014

Promise August 2014 Issue

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In this issue . . .

  • Healing Harmony

    Healing Harmony

    At St. Jude, music therapy empowers children, helping them meet developmental goals while providing an outlet for expression.

  • The Innovator

    The Innovator

    “If not St. Jude, then who? There is nobody else who is going to step up and become the leader in research and treatment for pediatric cancer across the globe. This is what we need to do. This is our future.”

  • Too Busy for Cancer

    Too Busy for Cancer

    An innovative clinical trial for high-risk Hodgkin lymphoma enables energetic 11-year-old Mary Browder to sail through therapy.

  • Nothing but the Tooth

    Nothing but the Tooth

    The St. Jude Dental Clinic provides specialized care and education for children undergoing treatment for life-threatening diseases.

  • Thwarting the Threat

    Thwarting the Threat

    St. Jude scientists uncover secrets of bacteria that can be deadly to children with sickle cell disease.

  • Supporting Courageous Children

    Supporting Courageous Children

    More brands than ever join St. Jude Thanks and Giving.

  • A Tribute to Robin Williams

    A Tribute to Robin Williams

    On August 11, 2014, the world lost an iconic entertainer and an incredibly generous man who was a true friend to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  • 10 Things St. Jude Gave Me

    10 Things St. Jude Gave Me

    The mom of a St. Jude patient reflects on what she received as a result of her child’s treatment journey.

  • Never Have I

    Never Have I

    This poem is one of 30 written by St. Jude patient Deidra Abbott as part of her college’s senior seminar.

  • Research Highlights - Promise Autumn 2014

    Research Highlights - Promise Autumn 2014

    Research Highlights for Promise Autumn 2014 focuses on lifestyle choices for childhood cancer survivors, a discovery that may lead to new antibiotics for staph infections and more.