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Glow More Chemo

Photo by Seth Dixon


In the Kay Research and Care Center, children can change the lighting in their hospital rooms from sunny yellow to jungle green; mandarin orange to purple pizzazz. It’s one way kids can exert a little control during a tumultuous time. 

Seven-year-old Alexander Bolding discovered that neon items glowed when he switched the lights to electric blue. Then he and his family decided to glow crazy: adding a jolt of color to the traditional No More Chemo celebration.

“We invited his nurses and physical therapists and other hospital friends,” says his mom. “We had glow sticks and decorated the windows. We made everything glow. It was super fun.” 

Since January, Alexander has been undergoing treatment for a brain tumor called medulloblastoma. “He’s been a little joyful rock star,” his mom says. Nevertheless, Alexander’s looking forward to the day when he can glow home.


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