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100 Trillion Reasons

to Love St. Jude


AS PART OF THE PEDIATRIC CANCER GENOME PROJECT, scientists sequenced the complete normal and cancer genomes of more than 800 children and adolescents with 23 different childhood cancers. Each of those genomes contains about 3 billion base pairs.

The project has produced more than 100 trillion pieces of data.

In 2012, St. Jude began to release the data to scientists worldwide. The information more than doubled the volume of whole-genome data available from all human genome sources combined.

St. Jude collaborated with DNAnexus and Microsoft to create St. Jude Cloud. This resource for the global research community offers:

  • Data with more than
    14,470 samples
    200 diagnoses
  • 80,940 total files
  • Powerful tools that allow scientists to quickly and privately gain novel insights
  • Visualizations to explore the data

The cost for scientists worldwide to access and use this data: $0


PCGP generated one of the world’s largest collections of childhood cancer genomics. This resource will serve both cancer and non-cancer researchers for years to come. 


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