Coordinator tips

To give you some ideas to increase the impact of your event, here are some helpful tips and suggestions from some of our most successful coordinators:

  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to add your event date to community calendars in your area.
  • Include information about your event in an upcoming newsletter or send out an e-mail explaining the event to your group.
  • Pre-register participants to take part in the event and encourage them to begin collecting donations for their participation.
  • Collect contact information, including e-mail addresses, from all of your participants so you can remind them three to five days before the event and thank them after the event.
  • Reach out to other car and cycle clubs and ask them to take part in your event.
  • Help increase your event's donations by asking for help from within your community.
  • Many coordinators appeal to local businesses for monetary, prize and food donations.
  • Add side events to help enhance participation and raise additional funds. Some great examples are barbecues, picnics and dinners where attendees are charged by the plate.
  • Visit to find more patient stories to share with your group.

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