What does St. Jude provide?

St. Jude provides several resources to ensure you have a positive and fun experience, as well as a successful event.

The following tools are included in the Volunteer Coordinator Kit shipped to you after registration.

  • Coordinator Resource Guide: The guide contains helpful tips and guidelines from planning and recruiting to executing the event. You can download the guide when you log in to your event and click on the "Event Resources" tab.

  • Donation submission form (PDF): Use this form to accompany donations mailed to St. Jude (included in the Coordinator Resource Guide).

  • Participant registration worksheet (PDF): Use this form to keep up with your participants, determine how many prizes to order and track prizes for each participant (included in the Coordinator Resource Guide).

  • Event poster (PDF): If you need additional posters, you can save this PDF file and take it to a local print store. The poster includes areas to customize with your event information to help publicize your event.

  • Sponsor form envelope/consent form (PDF): View the information included on the sponsor form envelope used by participants to collect and list donations, including the consent form to sign and submit to the coordinator.

  • Coordinator return envelopes: Use these envelopes for coordinators to return donations to St. Jude.

  • Informational DVD: Recruit participants by sharing the St. Jude story.

Other resources

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If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Coordinator Support Team at 1-800-567-0636.

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