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Cause marketing: Giving to St. Jude through your business


St. Jude patient Mikayla with her mom


Your support makes a big difference

Charitable giving through your business provides opportunity for awareness to a diverse audience in support of pediatric cancer, sickle cell disease and other catastrophic diseases while engaging employees and customers in social good.

  1. We welcome the opportunity to develop new partnerships, and we value the desire to support our mission. In order to ensure this enthusiasm is sustained, it is necessary to limit the types of activities and partners St. Jude will support. We evaluate all companies, and we agree to partner with companies with a firm reputation and a strong brand image who would like to make a contribution that is significant and clearly defined to the consumer.

    We're sorry, but we're not approving efforts from the following categories:
    Adult content
    Alcoholic beverages
    Books/music albums
    Dangerous products/firearms
    Law firms
    Live animals
    Pharmaceutical/medical supplies
    Toxic substances


Find the best way for your company to support St. Jude

  1. Click icon

    Make it easy for customers to give. Or, donate a percentage of sales.


    Point-of-sale ideas and profit donations

    Contact us to ask about round-up at checkout, percentage of profit donations, or other creative ideas.

    Contact Us


    In-store print pinups

    Ask customers to donate $1 and display the St. Jude pinups in your store — signed by customers!

    See Pinup Promotions


    Community fundraising events

    Host a fundraising event for St. Jude and involve your community of customers.

    Create a Fundraiser

  2. People with heart icon

    Inspire employees and colleagues by supporting the St. Jude mission together.

    St. Jude patient artwork showing a piggy bank and dollar bills.

    Employee giving programs

    Ask us about setting up programs in your company, such as payroll deductions or matching gifts.

    Contact Workplace Giving

    Holiday artwork of two birds by a St. Jude patient.

    Matching Gift Donations

    See if your employer will double, or triple, your donation to St. Jude.

    Search For Your Employer

    Holiday artwork of two birds by a St. Jude patient.

    Fundraise among colleagues

    Plan a workplace fundraiser for St. Jude with colleagues! Activities can be virtual or hosted in person.

    Host a Fundraiser with Colleagues

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    Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a St. Jude event! Please contact us by filling out our contact form for inquires related to sponsorships or other ideas so that we can best help your fundraising initiative.

    Contact Us


Art by St. Jude patient Violett


Ways philanthropic businesses are supporting our mission

The positive impact of corporate social responsibility

St. Jude provides customized care for some of the world's sickest children regardless of their race, ethnicity, beliefs or ability to pay. By partnering with St. Jude, you'll align your company name with our nationally recognized mission and instill pride in your customers and employees. 

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89% percent of executives said that companies leading with purpose have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.†

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78% of Americans believe that companies should positively impact society.*

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95% of Gen Z expect brands to engage them to make a difference.‡


† Porter Novelli Executive Purpose Study, 2020
* Cone Communications Purpose Study, 2018
‡ 3DoSomething Strategic Pulse of Gen Z, 2020


Art by St. Jude patient Hailey

St. Jude patient Ava and her mom

St. Jude patient Ava, brain tumor, pictured with her mother


I've never seen such professionalism and care ... they really believe in helping kids. 

St. Jude patient Ava's dad


Every child deserves a chance to live their best life and celebrate every moment. When you support St. Jude, you help give kids with cancer around the world that chance. Together, we can save more lives.


What sets St. Jude apart as a charity?

The majority of funds needed to operate and sustain St. Jude must be raised from our generous supporters.

Four star rating with Charity Navigator

According to Charity Navigator, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has a four-out-of-four star rating for our Overall Score and Rating.

82 cents of every dollar

82 cents of every dollar received from donations, research grants, insurance recoveries and investment returns goes to support the current and future needs of St. Jude.


Art by St. Jude patient Caleb


Have questions or ideas? Contact us. 

We're grateful for your interest in supporting St. Jude through your business. Please use the form below to contact us with questions or ideas about getting your business involved. Please allow up to 30 days for us to review your inquiry and connect with you.

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See more ways to give

What is cause marketing? 

Cause marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit organization and a for-profit company. It's a way for a business to show customers what social issues they care about and plan a marketing campaign accordingly. It brings awareness to the nonprofit's mission and work while helping for-profit companies set themselves apart from competition. 

Why is cause marketing important?

Cause marketing benefits nonprofits and society at large by bringing awareness to charitable missions through the marketing of for-profit companies. It helps for-profit brands stand out among competition as a beacon for change. It can benefit employee morale by providing colleagues a way to give back to society together through their employer. 

What are some examples of cause-related marketing?

Many companies participate in cause marketing. Cause marketing can include a for-profit company displaying St. Jude pinups in their store or posting about helping St. Jude on their company's social media account.