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Family Friendly Benefits

Allstate Identity Protection Insurance

Comprehensive identity theft protection program.

  • Identity monitoring, including high risk transaction alerts, online account access, fund transfers and password resets
  • Credit monitoring of all three credit bureaus, an annual credit report, and monthly credit scores
  • Full-service identity restoration by Privacy Advocates® that complete the work from start to case completion
  • $1,000,000 identity theft insurance policy to cover costs associated with identity theft
  • PasswordArmor, a secure password management solution and complex password generator
  • Social media reputation monitoring to help detect cyberbullying, online predators and reputational damages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

St. Jude will pay half the cost for employee coverage. Employees pay $5/month for employee only coverage or $13/month for family coverage.

ID Theft brochure

MetLife Legal Plan

(Must enroll during annual Open Enrollment)

The St. Jude Group Legal Plan is administered by MetLife Legal Plan and provides telephone and office consultations for many personal legal issues. So, even if you are not sure you need legal representation, or if you need guidance with a legal matter not covered by the plan, the plan can cover the initial consultation at no cost to you.


  • Network of attorneys from 4,400 participating law firms—48 from the area.
  • In-network attorney—all covered services are provided through an $8.25 payroll deduction per pay period.
  • Out-of-network attorney—reimbursement is based on a negotiated fee schedule.

Legal matters covered under the plan

  • Preparation of wills and trusts: wills, living trusts, power of attorneys, living wills
  • Real estate matters: home sale/purchase, refinancing, tenant negotiation, boundary title disputes, property tax assessments, zoning applications, home equity loans
  • Financial matters: negotiation with creditors, debt collection defense, personal bankruptcy, identify theft, tax audit representations
  • Document preparation: affidavits, deeds, demand letters, mortgages, notes/review of personal legal documents
  • Traffic offenses: defense of traffic tickets except DUI, driving privileges restoration (includes license suspension due to DUI)
  • Family law matters: adoption, guardianship, name change, premarital agreements
  • Defense of civil lawsuits: administrative hearings, civil litigation defense, incompetence defense, school hearings, pet liabilities
  • Juvenile matters: juvenile court defense, including criminal matters
  • Consumer protections: disputes over consumer goods and services, small claims assistance

Mental Health and Emotional Support Services

St. Jude offers employees and anyone in their household mental and emotional support through confidential counseling, virtual telehealth, chat therapy, computerized cognitive behavioral therapy, work/life services, self-guided help for various conditions and access to live and on-Demand webinars to address life, relationships, mental health, addictions, and work-related issues.

Examples of problems with which they can receive help:

  • Family issues
  • Marital and relationship difficulties
  • Alcohol and drug abuse/dependency
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Gambling problems or other addictions
  • Coping with life events, such as loss of a job, relocation and serious illness
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Coping with violence
  • Managing stress

Services available:

  • 10 sessions per issue per year for each employee and anyone in the household
  • 24/7, 365 unlimited access to a master's level clinician 1-833-721-2318
  • Work/Life services and resources to allievate stress and help provide you with resources for childcare, eldercare, pet care, vacation planning and more
  • Web-based webinars
  • Interest specific education through blogs and articles
  • Discount center offers St. Jude specific deals on both local and national businesses and restaurants
  • Text/Chat therapy available through Talkspace
  • cCBT available through MyStrength

Eligible dependents (legal spouses and legally dependent children up to age 19 or to age 25 if the child is enrolled as a fulltime student in college) may also use the services. There is no age limit for a child who is permanently mentally or physically disabled who is also a legal dependent.

You are not required to be enrolled in any other St. Jude benefit plan (including the medical plan) to take advantage of the services. You or your eligible family members can make an appointment by calling 1-833-721-2318.

Username: Stjude Password: livingwell

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Flexible spending accounts help you pay for certain health care and dependent care expenses that are not covered by the medical, dental or vision plans—copays, coinsurance and amounts above benefit maximums to name a few. Likewise, many people have regular daycare expenses for dependent children.

Both the health care and dependent care spending accounts are administered by BlueCross/Health Equity. These flexible spending accounts provide tax advantages by letting you set aside pre-tax dollars to pay certain health care and dependent care expenses.

Learn more about flexible spending accounts.

Disaster preparedness for you and your family

Families can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together as a team. Create a family disaster plan including a communication plan, disaster supplies kit and an evacuation plan. Knowing what to do is your best protection and your responsibility. Learn more about preparing for disaster.

Everest Funeral Planning and Concierge Service

24/7 funeral planning assistance, online local funeral home price comparisons, online planning tools and negotiating services. Visit or call 1-866-854-5429 for assistance.

Hartford Employee Travel Assistance Program

The Hartford’s Travel Assistance program provides three kinds of services for your business or vacation travels – Pre­Trip Information, Emergency Medical Assistance and Emergency Personal Services.

Hartford Identity Protection Program

Program—offered at no cost to St. Jude employees—offering professional fraud support to victims of identity theft. Read the Hartford Identify Protection brochure.

Adoption Assistance

St. Jude will reimburse eligible employees up to $5,000 in eligible adoption expenses. Visit the MYBenefits portal (; login required) to learn more about eligibility, which expenses qualify and how to apply.

St. Jude is honored to be recognized as a 2021 Adoption Advocate by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Healthy Maternity Program

The St. Jude Medical Plan is committed to helping expectant mothers have healthy pregnancies. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee’s (BCBST) program, Healthy Maternity, benefits expecting mothers through every stage of pregnancy. By participating in the BCBST Healthy Maternity program prior to 28 weeks gestation, you may become eligible for a free electric breast pump. You must enroll in the program through the BlueAccess site or by calling 1-800-818-8581 to participate. 

Family Building Benefit

The St. Jude medical plan, administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST), includes a Fertility Benefit through a partnership with Progyny. Progyny fits seamlessly into the company’s existing benefit program, providing comprehensive coverage for fertility and family building services. They will connect you to leading fertility specialists that provide the most advanced, effective fertility treatment, the first time—without barriers to treatment—so you can obtain the best chance of achieving a successful pregnancy with the course of treatment that is best for you.

Additional family care support

St. Jude has signed an agreement with one of the nation's largest providers of employer-sponsored childcare, Bright Horizons, to provide additional family support options including full-time childcare, tutoring and academic support and more to our employees at a reduced cost.