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Meet Claire

Claire is an adventurous girl from Utah who loves spending time outside with her siblings. She's also being treated at St. Jude for a cancerous brain tumor.

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St. Jude patient claire with her parents

St. Jude patient Claire, pictured at age 8, with her parents


Claire has always loved the outdoors and she recently returned home from a trip of a lifetime. 

She visited Canada and seven states, including Alaska, and saw grizzly bears and bison, among many other animals native to the western United States.

St. Jude patient Claire with her siblings lying in a field

St. Jude patient Claire with her siblings

The best part of the trip for this 12-year-old is that she got to do it all alongside her parents, Jayne and Caleb, and four siblings — Emmy, Amelia, Jonah and Henry.

  1. Next up for Claire and her family is Hawaii. 

    “We hike a lot, and we camp and we mountain bike, and those are her favorite things,’’ said her mother, Jayne.  “It was super amazing.” 

    When she’s not busy traveling and sightseeing, Claire loves to cook, curl up with a good book and ski

    St. Jude patient Claire

    Claire is growing great. She’s a very peaceful and calm person, and can be silly at times, but overall, she’s a very peaceful part of our family.

    Jayne, Claire's mom

    When Claire was 8 years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor after she began to have headaches and would occasionally throw up.

    Her symptoms lingered and progressively worsened, and her parents became increasingly worried. 

    St. Jude patient Claire

    After two trips to the emergency room, a CT scan revealed she had medulloblastoma, a brain tumor of the cerebellum.

    The cerebellum controls balance and coordinated movements. 

    When your child has headaches, you don’t automatically assume they have brain cancer. That was the furthest thing from my mind. It was really a shock when she was diagnosed.

    Jayne, Claire's mom

    Claire underwent surgery at a local hospital in Utah. Her doctor then referred her to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

    St. Jude patient Claire

    At St. Jude, Claire’s treatment included 30 rounds of proton therapy and seven rounds of chemotherapy, which she finished in May 2019.

    She returns to St. Jude every six-months for checkups. 

    St. Jude patient Claire with her family

    St. Jude patient Claire with her family during Halloween at St. Jude

    Jayne described St. Jude as the “purest form of hope.”  

    Everyone at the hospital has this glow and hope and when you go there, everyone is just working toward the same goal. And the fact that it is supported so selflessly by so much of the world, adds to this feeling of goodness and hope in all of humanity and hope in curing cancer someday.

    Jayne, Claire's mom

    St. Jude patient Claire

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Video of St. Jude patient Claire playing with her dog in the snow.

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