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Meet Maryelle

Maryelle is a happy toddler who was diagnosed with a rare disorder in which her immune system was compromised.

St. Jude patient maryelle

When Maryelle was just 5 months old, she began to run a fever and started pulling at her ear.

Her parents, Chasity and Michael, assumed their baby had an ear infection. “Maryelle was prescribed antibiotics, but she didn’t seem like she was feeling any better,” Chasity said. “A million things can spark a fever, but I couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t getting better. She was getting worse.”

patient maryelle with her mom, Chassity

St. Jude patient Maryelle with her mom, Chasity

Days passed and Maryelle’s fever still wouldn’t break, so her parents took her back to the doctor, who ordered bloodwork.

“All of her counts were low,” Chasity said.

Maryelle’s doctor immediately sent them to a local children’s hospital. A day after they arrived, Maryelle was referred to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where she was diagnosed with and began treatment for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a rare disorder in which the immune system no longer works properly.

Patient maryelle with her dad, Michael

St. Jude patient Maryelle with her dad, Michael

Maryelle’s treatment included eight weeks of chemotherapy, followed by a bone marrow transplant with Chasity serving as her donor.

Maryelle also underwent physical, occupational and speech therapies to help get her back on track for meeting her milestones.

St. Jude patient Maryelle in a candid photo

“Once St. Jude came into the picture, everything was so fast,” said Chasity. “Time means everything in a situation like this, and St. Jude diagnosed her and started treatment immediately, arranged for her bone marrow transplant quickly. We were shocked how fast everything happened. With God and St. Jude, my baby is alive.”

St. Jude patient Maryelle with her family

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“We had people looking out for us as well as for Maryelle,” Michael said. Child Life specialists helped explain what was happening to Maryelle’s big brother, Tamar. “She put it in terms he could understand,” Chasity said. “St. Jude is so inclusive. It’s about the whole family.”

Now, more than a year post-transplant, Chasity and Michael feel like they’re finally seeing Maryelle blossom. 

You know, she was just so sick for so long, just kind of existing, and now she’s finally emerging, her personality is shining through. She’s just so full of joy.

Chasity, mom of St. Jude patient Maryelle

St. Jude patient mayrelle with her mom, chasity

Maryelle now visits St. Jude for regular checkups, and her family is hopeful she won’t need further treatment. 

She’s a social butterfly who wakes up smiling and laughing, and she loves books and music, and dancing and playing with Tamar. “We’re all wrapped around her little finger,” said Michael.

st. jude patient maryelle against a white background

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