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Save more with smart choices

St. Jude offers several benefits that can help you save hundreds of dollars per year! Check out these benefits and tips on making every dollar count.

Prescription Drug plan: Ask for generic alternatives to brand-name drugs.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA): Use pre-tax contributions to pay for certain healthcare expenses and/or child care.

St. Jude Retirement Plan:  Save more for retirement.

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What steps can you take to save?
Making choices about your health can sometimes be difficult. When you seek health care, take the same approach you use for buying anything else. Ask questions. Make sure you get the most appropriate care for your condition. The better you are able to manage and improve your own health, the more you can help control health care costs, a shared expense between you and St. Jude. Use the following guidelines to help you be a wise health care consumer:

Practice good health habits. Staying healthy is the best way to control your medical costs. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Learn how to handle stress. Stop smoking and avoid excessive use of alcohol.

See your doctor early. Don’t let a minor problem become a major one. This makes treatment more difficult and expensive. Schedule an annual physical.

Visit in-network providers to receive care. Whether it’s within the medical, dental or vision plan, network providers agree to treat St. Jude participants at a pre-negotiated discount rate, saving money for you and St. Jude.

Don’t use the ER as a doctor’s office. Trips to the emergency room are expensive! If you aren’t experiencing a true medical emergency, schedule an appointment with your doctor and ease the waiting time in the ER for patients who really need it.

Use outpatient services for x-ray or laboratory tests. Outpatient preadmission and diagnostic tests can save costly room and board charges.

Compare prescription drug prices. Discuss the use of generic prescription drugs with your doctor or pharmacist. Generic prescription drugs are the same quality as brand name drugs, but are typically less expensive. Also, use the mail order program to purchase prescription medications.

Consider hospital stay alternatives. Home Health Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Hospice Care Programs offer quality care in comfortable surroundings for less cost than staying in the hospital.

Review medical bills carefully. Make sure you understand all charges and receive bills only for services you receive. After a medical appointment, review your Explanation of Benefits carefully and report errors or discrepancies to your medical plan immediately. Keep your medical records up-to-date.

Talk to your doctor. Discuss the need for treatment with your doctor. It’s your body. To make wise health care decisions, you must understand the treatment and any risks or complications involved. Ask about treatment costs, too. With today’s health care costs, your doctor will understand your concern about your medical expenses. Be a wise health care consumer. Review your benefits carefully so you can make informed health care decisions. You can help control health care costs while getting the most your plan has to offer.