Department of Biostatistics


An R package to perform power and sample size calculations for designing studies that use the false discovery rate (FDR) as the final metric of statistical significance

  • The purpose of the software is to provide a way to easily implement the general approach of power and sample size calculations described by Pounds and Cheng (2005) for microarray experiments with a variety of designs. Pounds and Onar (2015) developed and describe this software library.
  • The method is implemented in FDRsampsize R package written for the freely available statistical computing language R.

To install FDRsampsize:

  • Download  FDRsampsize_1.0.tar.gz and execute the command install.packages("download.dir/FDRsampsize_1.0.tar.gz",repos=NULL,type="source") in R, where download.dir is the directory to which the file was saved.
  • To receive alerts regarding software updates, send an e-mail with "Updates on FDRsampsize Software" in the subject line.

More questions? Contact Stanley Pounds .