Department of Biostatistics

A genomic random interval model for statistical analysis of genomic lesion data

We have developed the grin package that uses the genomic random interval (GRIN) model to identify particular loci, genes, or gene-sets with a significant abundance of genomic lesions. The method was published by Pounds et al (2013)

The method is implemented in this grin R package written for the freely available statistical computing language R.

To Install grin:

Download grin_1.1.tar.gz and execute the command install.packages ("download.dir/grin_1.1.tar.gz",repos=NULL,type="source") in R, where download.dir is the directory to which the file was saved.

The grin user’s manual explains how to use the grin package.

To receive alerts regarding software updates, send an e-mail with "Updates on grin Software" in the subject line.

More questions? Contact Stan Pounds.