Department of Biostatistics

Multiplicity-adjusted evidence weights

  • The purpose of the software is to compute multiplicity-adjusted evidence weights described by Bi, Kang and Pounds (2016) for model selection. Bi and Pounds developed and described this software library.
  • The method is implemented in maew R package written for the freely available statistical computing language R.

To Install maew:

  • Download maew_0.6.tar.gz and execute the command install.packages ("download.dir/maew_0.6.tar.gz",repos=NULL,type="source") in R, where download.dir is the directory to which the file was saved.
  • The maew user's manual explains how to use the maew package.
  • The maew demo explains the demo code
  • To receive alerts regarding software updates, send an e-mail with "Updates on maew Software" in the subject line.

More questions? Contact Stan Pounds.