Department of Biostatistics

Projection onto the most interesting statistical evidence (PROMISE)

  • Pounds et al (2009) propose projection onto the most interesting statistical evidence (PROMISE) as a method to identify genomic features that exhibit a specific biologically meaningful pattern of associations with multiple endpoint variables.  Lamba et al (2011) utilized this method to identify genes with expression values that show therapeutically beneficial or detrimental patterns of association with cytarabine pharmacokinetics, cytarabine pharmacodynamics, clinical response, and event-free survival among pediatric acute myeloid leukemia patients. 
  • The method is implemented in the PROMISE Bioconductor package developed for use with the freely available R statistical computing software.
  • To receive alerts regarding software updates, send an e-mail with "Updates on PROMISE Software" in the subject line.
  • More questions? Contact Stan Pounds.