About the IPDSR

The mission of the Image Processing and Data Science Resource (IPDSR) is to advance imaging acquisition and analysis techniques to facilitate clinical practice and drive imaging research. As a group of imaging experts with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, the IPDSR can affect multiple aspects of imaging workflow from acquisition through analysis and interpretation. We work directly with Diagnostic Imaging faculty and external St. Jude faculty in efforts centered around: implementing and optimizing MR sequences, performing advanced analysis for clinical practice, providing advanced 3D visualization and printing for surgical planning, functional MRI, and computer vision research (automated segmentation, automated detection, radiomics, and more). Research data is managed, processed, and shared through our centralized HIPAA compliant informatics infrastructure which is integrated with institutional resources including the high-performance computing cluster.

Vision Lab


Matt Scoggins, PhD

Matt Scoggins, PhD

Manager, Image Processing and Data Science Resource


Angela Edwards
Advanced Image Processing Specialist

Chris Goode
Advanced Image Processing Specialist

Qing Ji, PhD
Software Engineer

Diana Storment
Advanced Image Processing Specialist

Silu Zhang, PhD
Medical Imaging Research Scientist

Stuart McAfee, PhD
Medical Imaging Scientist

262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN, 38105-3678 USA