Building on St. Jude’s collaborative work with WHO to advance childhood cancer care and control globally since 2016, St. Jude was designated by the Director-General as WHO Collaborating Centre for Childhood Cancer in 2018, with Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo and Dr. Catherine Lam as founding Directors.   
As the WHO Collaborating Centre for Childhood Cancer, St. Jude supports the work of the World Health Organization across three areas:
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Support WHO in including childhood cancer in national cancer control plans through tools for prioritization, costing and framework for monitoring and evaluation.


Support WHO in developing tools and platforms for innovation including diffusion in childhood cancer management, research and education.


Support WHO in strengthening childhood cancer control through technical support, training materials and stakeholder engagement.

Following the March 2018 designation as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Childhood Cancer, St. Jude mobilized additional resources to work with WHO and global partners to support progress for children with cancer around the world. This included the launch of the Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer at the United Nations in September 2018, and the ensuing support of the implementation of its CureAll approach to achieve at least a 60% survival rate for children with six of the most common kinds of cancer by 2030.  Among more than 180 active Collaborating Centres in the Americas, St. Jude has been recognized as one of nine WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centres specified in the milestone timeline PAHO released for its 120th anniversary in 2022. 

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The St. Jude Global Health Systems Unit acts as the coordinating unit for the WHO Collaborating Centre for Childhood Cancer. For more information, contact or visit St. Jude Global at