The ATG core is advancing pediatric cancer research by developing cutting edge technologies, including epigenomic, single-cell and metabolomic technologies in preclinical models. Further, we provide expertise and technical support for these approaches. The ATG core is also establishing an interactive platform for technology innovation that can be shared between existing facilities and St. Jude investigators. 


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The ATG core provides St. Jude researchers with the ability to study genome regulation in leukemia and other pediatric cancers using a multidisciplinary approach. These approaches include CRISPR-based (epi)genetic engineering, single-cell multi-omics, long-reads sequencing, metabolomics and metabolic flux analysis and computational approaches. 

Selected publications

About the manager

Jian Xu, PhD

Jian Xu received his PhD in molecular biology from UCLA where he focused on epigenetic regulation of stem cell pluripotency. As a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Xu focused on the developmental control of fetal-to-adult hemoglobin switching. In 2023, Dr. Xu joined the Department of Pathology and Center of Excellence for Leukemia Studies at St. Jude where he investigates the gene regulatory processes controlling stem cell development and blood cancers. In 2023, Dr. Xu established the ATG core to provide valuable resources to the Department of Pathology, the Center of Excellence for Leukemia Studies and the Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Team

Xiaofei (Steven) Gao, PhD
  • Xiaofei (Steven) Gao, PhD
  • Director, Laboratory Operations
Tam Tran, PhD
  • Tam Tran, PhD
  • Scientist