Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship

Excellent nursing care is vital to the St. Jude mission. Through our shared governance process, nurses and other healthcare professionals  at St. Jude actively participate in decisions about all aspects of how we care for and support our patients and their families.

Our Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship program offers opportunities to advance your education and training in an environment that values your work and fosters creativity and innovation.

Nursing research fellows

The Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship gives participants the knowledge and tools to improve patient care by incorporating the best available evidence, the clinician’s experience and the patient’s preferences into the decision-making process. The Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship is a program designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of and experience with clinical research for the staff members of the Division of Patient Care Services. The 12-month program results in scholarly products such as scientific posters, papers, and presentations.


Applicants must have worked at St. Jude or a St. Jude affiliate for at least 18 months. The fellowship is open to nurses, advanced practice clinicians and other healthcare professionals at St. Jude.


The fellowship runs for 12 months. Fellows participate in monthly day-long training sessions and have one morning per month dedicated to their fellowship project.

Fellowship Features

  • Classroom, web-based and hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Learning to utilize evidence-based practice methods to identify the best evidence and translate findings into practice. 
  • Designing and implementing an evidence-based practice project to improve patient care at St. Jude.
  • Sharing the results of your work via a poster and presentation.

Current Projects

  • Inpatient Family Rounding by Nursing Leaders
  • Incidence and Risk Factors of Emergence Delirium in Pediatric Oncology Patients Receiving Sedation for Proton Therapy to Determine who might Benefit from an Evidence-Based Intervention
  • Olanzapine Treatment Prevalence and Indicators for Patients At St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Improving Community School Preparedness During and After Cancer Treatment
  • Implementation and Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Central Venous Access Device Skin Impairment Algorithm with the St. Jude Vascular Access Team: A Process Improvement Project
  • Bereaved Parents' Perspectives on Legacy Interventions
  • Determining prevalence of sleep apnea symptoms in patients with sickle cell disease and correlating symptoms with number of hospitalizations and admission diagnoses.


For more information, contact us at  jami.gattuso@stjude.org.