Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Services

The Pharmaceutical Department includes Pharmaceutical Services staff responsible for patient care and Pharmaceutical Sciences staff who carry out clinical and laboratory research. The shared goal for every member of the Pharmaceutical Department is to improve drug therapy outcomes for St. Jude patients..

Pharmaceutical services include

  • Pharmacotherapy consultation to assist in selection of appropriate therapy

  • Pharmacokinetic evaluations to individualize drug therapy regimens

  • Parenteral therapy support through the Metabolic Infusion Support Service for patients requiring parenteral nutrition, antibiotic therapy, and pain management

  • Investigational drug study services to support therapeutic trials

  • Comprehensive Medication Outcomes Programs to assure safety and efficacy of drug therapy

  • Patient and parent education to assure appropriate use of medications

Pharmacists are integrated into each of the major clinical services at St. Jude and state-of-the-art distribution and computer support systems assure the efficient, effective delivery and use of medications.