DIVINCI Study Team

The Dissection of Influenza Vaccination and Infection for Childhood Immunity Consortium, or DIVINCI, is a study led by investigators at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the University of Michigan. The DIVINCI study looks at the effect influenza infection and vaccination have on a child’s developing immune system. Researchers examine how flu infection and flu vaccines alter the body’s immune response to the virus over time in hopes of identifying potential advances in boosting immunity to influenza.

The DIVINCI study is enrolling about 3,000 children from three geographically distinct locations around the world.

Cohort Sites


In Managua, Nicaragua, the Health Center Sócrates Flores Vivas works with investigators at the Sustainable Sciences Institute and the University of Michigan to bring screening for respiratory viruses to the community. Influenza studies have been a part of this community for more than eight years. This cohort is enrolling infants into the DIVINCI consortium to contribute to the study of influenza in the developing immune system.


New Zealand

The WellKiwis study is a member of the SHIVERS project family, or the Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness Research and Surveillance. Located in Wellington, New Zealand, the Lead Maternity Center and ESR works to enroll pregnant mothers and newborn infants into the WellKiwis study to participate in the DIVINCI consortium. Find more information on the WellKiwis study.


Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Researchers at CHLA enroll infants into the DIVINCI study at CHLA and participating local health care sites to contribute to the DIVINCI consortium. Find more information on the CHLA DIVINCI study.



A number of research teams make up the DIVINCI consortium. Investigators are heavily involved in recruiting study participants and studying the samples in the scientific research.

Cohort Team

T cells Team

B cells and Antibodies Team

Virology member

Computational member

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