About M. Madan Babu

Dr. Babu, is one of the pioneers to establish data science-based approaches to reveal principles of biological systems. He is the Chief Data Scientist and Senior Vice President for Data Science, and was recruited to St. Jude in 2020 as the George J. Pedersen Endowed Chair in Biological Data Sciences in the Department of Structural Biology and Director of the Center of Excellence for Data-Driven Discovery.  Dr Babu was awarded the 2019 EMBO Gold Medal for his contributions to the field of computational biology. He was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, UK in 2021, and a Fellow of the Royal Society, UK in 2023. He leads a prolific and innovative research team leveraging computational and experimental methods to study biological systems at different scales of complexity. 

M Madan Babu

Meet the Team

Preethi Badrinarayan, PhD
  • Preethi Badrinarayan, PhD
  • Senior Computational Research Scientist
Tian Cai, PhD
  • Tian Cai, PhD
  • Sr. Computational Research Scientist
Nil Casajuana Martin, PhD
  • Nil Casajuana Martin, PhD
  • Computational Research Scientist
Assaf Elazar, PhD
  • Assaf Elazar, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Cristina Guibao
  • Cristina Guibao
  • Scientist
Seyed Mohammad (Hadi) Hosseini, PhD
  • Seyed Mohammad (Hadi) Hosseini, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Georgi Kanev, PhD
  • Georgi Kanev, PhD
  • Senior Computational Research Scientist
Benjamin Lang, PhD
  • Benjamin Lang, PhD
  • Lead Computational Research Scientist
Ben Leslie, PhD
  • Ben Leslie, PhD
  • Director of Lab Operations
Nicole Luthcke, MSc
  • Nicole Luthcke, MSc
  • Sr. Researcher
Duccio Malinverni, PhD
  • Duccio Malinverni, PhD
  • Senior Bioinformatics Analyst
Eli McDonald, PhD
  • Eli McDonald, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Balint Meszaros, PhD
  • Balint Meszaros, PhD
  • Principal Computational Research Scientist
Uma Neelakantan
  • Uma Neelakantan
  • Graduate Student
Katarina Nemec, PhD
  • Katarina Nemec, PhD
  • Lead Researcher
Electa (Elly) Park, PhD
  • Electa (Elly) Park, PhD
  • Administration and Operations Director
Jaimin Patel
  • Jaimin Patel
  • Principal Software Engineer
 Madison Phelps, PhD
  • Madison Phelps, PhD
  • Scientific Writer
Kincaid Rowbotham
  • Kincaid Rowbotham
  • Graduate Student
Balaji Santhanam, PhD
  • Balaji Santhanam, PhD
  • Principal Bioinformatics Research Scientist
Besian I. Sejdiu, PhD
  • Besian I. Sejdiu, PhD
  • Staff Software Engineer
Sarah (J) Sherman
  • Sarah (J) Sherman
  • Graduate Student
Vyoma Sheth, MSc
  • Vyoma Sheth, MSc
  • Senior Computational Researcher
Vikas Trivedi, PhD
  • Vikas Trivedi, PhD
  • Scientist
Yaxu Wang, PhD
  • Yaxu Wang, PhD
  • Bioinformatics Research Scientist
Meng Zhang, PhD
  • Meng Zhang, PhD
  • Sr. Scientist