About Jay B. Bikoff

Dr. Jay B. Bikoff began his career at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where he was first exposed to science as a high school student in their Partners for the Future program. Following undergraduate and graduate training at Brown and Harvard, he completed his postdoctoral fellowship with Tom Jessell at Columbia and started his own lab at St. Jude in 2018. As part of the Neural Circuits and Behavior Division, Dr. Bikoff’s work is central to the fundamental neuroscience efforts of St. Jude, shedding light on how the nervous system controls movement and shapes our interactions with the world. The Bikoff lab maintains a strong commitment to mentoring trainees at every career stage, in an exciting and supportive environment.

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Meet the Team

 Paulina Deltuvaite
  • Paulina Deltuvaite
  • Student
Jennifer Hinton
  • Jennifer Hinton
  • Researcher
Anand Kulkarni, PhD
  • Anand Kulkarni, PhD
  • Lead Researcher
Alex Trevisan, PhD
  • Alex Trevisan, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate