About Jason Chiang

Dr. Jason Cheng-Hsuan Chiang is a dual board-certified anatomic pathologist and neuropathologist who specializes in neoplasms of the central nervous system (CNS). As an Associate Member of the St. Jude faculty, Dr. Chiang conducts extensive diagnostic and experimental neuropathology work. In his clinical work, he provides services for diagnostic neuropathology, ophthalmic pathology, and autopsy neuropathology while serving as the central pathology reviewer and co-investigator for several clinical trials. In his independent research laboratory efforts, he focuses on the identification of molecular signatures and diagnostic biomarkers of pediatric high- and low-grade CNS tumors. He received his MD from the National Taiwan University School of Medicine and his PhD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Chiang’s application of state-of-the-art morphologic and molecular diagnostic approaches is a hallmark of his research and clinical services.

Photo of Jason Chiang sitting at a desk with a microscope and computer screens

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