About Paul Geeleher

Dr. Paul Geeleher received his Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Ireland in 2012. He went on to complete his postdoctoral training in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago, receiving a K99/R00 fellowship in 2018. He joined the faculty at St. Jude in 2019, leading a hybrid team of scientists aimed at improving outcomes for patients with catastrophic pediatric cancers.

Photo of Paul Geeleher

Meet the Team

Richard Chapple, PhD
  • Richard Chapple, PhD
  • Bioinformatics Research Scientist
HM Lee, PhD
  • HM Lee, PhD
  • Staff Scientist
Xueying Liu, PhD
  • Xueying Liu, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Min Pan, PhD
  • Min Pan, PhD
  • Staff Scientist
Charlie Wright, PhD
  • Charlie Wright, PhD
  • Bioinformatics Research Scientist
Yinwen Zhang, PhD
  • Yinwen Zhang, PhD
  • Bioinformatics Analyst