About Richard E. Lee

A native of Manchester, England, Dr. Lee earned his PhD from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and subsequently held postdoctoral research fellowship positions at Colorado State University and the University of Oxford. After appointments at the National Institutes of Health and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Pharmacy, he joined the Department of Chemical Biology & Therapeutics at St. Jude in 2009, and holds the Endowed Chair in Medicinal Chemistry. Dr. Lee's research focuses on medicinal chemistry and structure-based drug design, with an emphasis on inhibitors to treat drug-resistant bacterial infections. His research program's impact can be seen in nearly a dozen patents, more than 160 peer-review publications, and the advancement of two of his drug candidates into clinical trials. Dr. Lee is the co-director of the St. Jude NIH-supported T32 Infectious Disease Therapeutics Postdoctoral Training Program.

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Meet the Team

Shelby Anderson, PhD
  • Shelby Anderson, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ashton Coker
  • Ashton Coker
  • Graduate Student
Suresh Dharuman, PhD
  • Suresh Dharuman, PhD
  • Scientist
Christine Dunn
  • Christine Dunn
  • Graduate Student
Elizabeth Griffith, PharmD, PhD
  • Elizabeth Griffith, PharmD, PhD
  • Scientist
Thilina Jayasinghe, PhD
  • Thilina Jayasinghe, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Alexander Jenner
  • Alexander Jenner
  • Graduate Student
Robin Lee
  • Robin Lee
  • Lab Operations Manager
Jiuyu Liu, PhD
  • Jiuyu Liu, PhD
  • Senior Scientist; Principal Chemist
Victoria Loudon-Hossler
  • Victoria Loudon-Hossler
  • Senior Researcher
Schyler Odom
  • Schyler Odom
  • Graduate Student
Gregory Phelps, PharmD
  • Gregory Phelps, PharmD
  • Graduate Student
Hannah Snoke
  • Hannah Snoke
  • Graduate Student
Rajendra Tangallapally, PhD
  • Rajendra Tangallapally, PhD
  • Senior Scientist
Anna Wright
  • Anna Wright
  • Student
Ying Zhao, PhD
  • Ying Zhao, PhD
  • Scientist