About Xiaotu Ma

With a PhD degree in Probability and Statistics, Dr. Ma found deep interest in applying his mathematical skills to deal with the vast uncertainties inherent to all scientific observations in biological and biomedical sciences, to uncover beautiful novel patterns, and to derive accurate information to help advancing our understanding of human cancers. Dr. Ma’s earlier career stage was focused on basic biological questions, such as gene/promoter prediction, disease gene prioritization via data integration, pathway reconstruction from genetic perturbation, and evolution of gene expression regulation. These experiences prepared Dr. Ma to lead his current research programs at St. Jude. Dr. Ma has broad biological interests and loves to discuss with team members on all scientific questions relevant to biology and biomedicine.

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Meet the Team

Pandurang Kolekar, PhD
  • Pandurang Kolekar, PhD
  • Bioinformatics Research Scientist
Yanling Liu, PhD
  • Yanling Liu, PhD
  • Bioinformatics Research Scientist
Quang Tran, PhD
  • Quang Tran, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate