About Heather C. Mefford

After receiving a BS from Washington University, Dr. Mefford went on to earn her MD and PhD from the University of Washington, where she also completed her residencies and postdoctoral fellowship. After a distinguished career in clinical practice and in research with the University of Washington, Dr. Mefford joined the Center for Pediatric Neurological Disease Research at St. Jude in 2021 to serve as an attending physician and continue her renowned research program determining the genes responsible for rare forms of epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Photo 9f Heather Mefford

Meet the Team

Emily Bonkowski
  • Emily Bonkowski
  • Genetic Counselor II
Helen Chen, PhD
  • Helen Chen, PhD
  • Senior Researcher
Esmat Fathi, PhD
  • Esmat Fathi, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Edith Almanza Fuerte
  • Edith Almanza Fuerte
  • Senior Researcher
Christy LaFlamme
  • Christy LaFlamme
  • Graduate Student
Soham Sengupta, PhD
  • Soham Sengupta, PhD
  • Lead Bioinformatics Analyst