About Jamy C. Peng

Dr. Jamy C. Peng has spearheaded foundational research that advances our knowledge of how chromatin dynamics and noncoding RNAs shape developmental genetic programs within stem cells. These advancements not only shed light on the intricate mechanisms governing stem cell fates but also hold broad implications for unraveling the etiologies of pediatric brain tumors and other neurodevelopmental disorders. She received her PhD training from the University of California at Berkeley and completed her postdoctoral studies at Stanford University and Yale University. As a Principal Investigator at St. Jude, she maintains an unwavering commitment to research rigor and excellence. Drawing from the knowledge imparted by her distinguished mentors, Dr. Peng is passionate about cultivating the talent and professional development of scientists and aspiring researchers within her team. Her team and collaborators aim to uncover epigenetic basis of neurodevelopmental disorders to advance future therapeutic approaches. 

Science Team

Meet the Team

Victoria Castro, PhD
  • Victoria Castro, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Nina Connolly, PhD
  • Nina Connolly, PhD
  • Lead Researcher
Umamah Irem
  • Umamah Irem
  • Student
Seunghyun Jung, PhD
  • Seunghyun Jung, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Yurika Matsui, PhD
  • Yurika Matsui, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
Eric Rivera-Peraza
  • Eric Rivera-Peraza
  • Researcher
Matthew So
  • Matthew So
  • Doctoral Student
Xiaoyang Yang, PhD
  • Xiaoyang Yang, PhD
  • Lead Researcher