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Proteins interpret, execute, and maintain a cell’s genetic blueprint. We use structural biology and biophysical methods to explore the function of enzymes and signaling molecules. Understanding how these molecules can be used as drug targets will help improve disease treatments for our patient population.

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The Team

The Ji Lab team is a focused group of researchers with expertise in biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology and structural biology.

Our research summary

Our laboratory studies – at an atomic level – these macromolecules that are critical for every biological process in humans. Leveraging our expertise in structural biology and biophysics, we dissect the molecular mechanisms of how these machines work and aim to better understand how to target those molecular machines to treat human disease. 

Sun Lab

The research in our laboratory centers on two aspects of biological questions. First, we aim to understand how cells or organisms generate and respond to stress signals, such as reactive oxygen species (ROS). Second, our laboratory investigates important disease-causing protein machineries through biophysical and biochemical approaches. By revealing how these machineries work and what goes wrong under disease conditions, we strive to develop in-depth molecular understandings to provide knowledge foundation for future therapeutics.

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Ji Sun, PhD
Assistant Member
Structural Biology
MS311, Room M6416

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN, 38105-3678 USA
901-595-1145 Ji.Sun@stjude.org

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262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN, 38105-3678 USA