About Paulina Velasquez

Dr. Paulina Velasquez has made significant contributions to field of immunotherapy, developing novel T cell therapy platforms for pediatric hematological malignancies. She completed her medical training at Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala and her Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology Oncology training at Texas Children’s Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine. She joined the faculty at St. Jude in 2017. Dr. Velasquez serves on several institutional committees and national boards. Shaped by experiences with her own mentors, Dr. Velasquez is passionate about career development and actively supports the professional ambitions of her team. She also contributes to the mentored training of the St. Jude graduate students and hematology/oncology fellows.

Photo of Pauliina Velasqquez

Meet the Team

Amy Gong
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Chris Nevitt, PhD
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