Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry

The Proteomics Facility provides mass spectrometry (MS)–based protein analysis services to researchers at St. Jude. The facility is supported by institutional funding and the National Cancer Institute (NCI)–designated Comprehensive Cancer Center Grant. The services are offered by well-trained staff scientists using state-of-the-art mass spectrometers and bioinformatics tools. The facility supports St. Jude investigators only and does not accept samples from other institutions.

The facility provides a wide range of services, including simple protein characterization, posttranslational modification analysis, and comprehensive profiling of proteome and phosphoproteome. Extensive consultation is provided for experimental design, sample preparation, and MS data acquisition and interpretation.

What's New?

The facility operates independently and its recent activities include:

  • Upgrading MS instrumentation with Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite, Q Exactive HF and Orbitrap Fusion 
  • Recruiting staff members specialized in phosphoproteome profiling and bioinformatics
  • Optimizing experimental protocols for sensitivity and throughput
  • Implementing new services (e.g., phosphoproteome profiling)
  • Introducing the latest quantitative strategies (e.g., 10-plex tandem mass tag analysis)
  • Establishing standard operating procedures
  • Developing the sophisticated data processing pipeline: JUMP software suite
  • Improving consultation services and web sites
  • Collaborating with the St. Jude GMP facility on protein characterization