Biostatistics Shared Resource

Motomi Mori, PhD, MBA, Director

The Biostatistics Shared Resource provides state-of-the-art biostatistical support to St. Jude investigators from the beginning to the end of a research lifecycle, starting with concept formation to protocol and grant development, study design, data capture form, data analysis, manuscript preparation and publication. We ensure high-quality biostatistical support for designing and analyzing all St. Jude clinical, translational, preclinical, and basic science studies. The shared resource is housed in the Department of Biostatistics and benefit from faculty and staff with a wide range of expertise including: clinical trials, survival analysis, Bayesian methods, longitudinal data, statistical genetics and genomics, analysis of imaging data, and analysis of observational epidemiological studies. Further the shared resource includes significant experience in clinical research, clinical research data management, and data coordination of multi-site clinical trials, including centralized randomization, data capture, data monitoring, data management and analysis.