The Center for Bioimage Informatics was launched in July 2019 with the broad mission of enabling, accelerating, and improving image-based studies at St. Jude. Bioimage informatics is central to the quantitative application of bioimagery approaches to biological questions and enables utilization of rapidly evolving imaging technologies to their fullest. St. Jude continues to invest in an array of such state-of-the-art imaging techniques to accelerate discovery Science, resulting in an increasing body of large multi-dimensional and often difficult to analyze data sets. The CBI provides state-of-the-art image restoration, registration, segmentation, and visualization approaches to address this need. 

Biorepository Overview
Biorepository Overview


The CBI supports all imaging-based research including a broad spectrum of modalities such as light microscopy, electron microscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. Data processing is conducted on its fifteen enterprise-scale workstations and dedicated high-performance-computing nodes, as well as Web-portals to facilitate self-service processing on St. Jude’s high-performance compute cluster. The CBI is staffed and operated by PhD-level full-time staff with expertise in restoration, registration, and segmentation of biological imagery, as well as machine learning, computer vision, image-based data quantification, and data visualization. The CBI’s efforts are supported by advanced image data management services, high-performance computing, and a variety of open-source, custom-developed and commercial image processing software. Active collaborations with St. Jude's microscopy and other imaging units facilitate continued availability of cutting-edge image analysis technology in support of discovery Science at St. Jude.


Watching Dr. Khairy’s team take a seemingly respectable cell image and apply their machine learning algorithms to increase resolution, felt like getting the perfect prescription and being able to see with new eyes the beauty and the insights that were just beyond your grasp.

Aseem Ansari, Member

Services and capabilities

  • Consultation, at the project planning stage, for studies that involve biological imagery
  • Image processing (deconvolution, denoising, intensity correction ... etc.)
  • Image registration
  • Image segmentation and object tracking
  • Image data visualization and quantification
  • Image data organization and management
  • Custom algorithm development
  • Regular image analysis courses


Khaled Khairy

Khaled Khairy, PhD