The Comparative Pathology Core Laboratory (CPCL) provides a wide range of services with the mission to aid investigators using preclinical models.  Our major areas of service include clinical diagnostic, necropsy, and histology laboratories and research support from four board-certified veterinary pathologists.

  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory: Hematology, serology, bacteriology, parasitology, coagulation panels, blood chemistries (standard plus specialized assays such as insulin, leptin, bile acid, alpha-fetoprotein, testosterone, estrogen, and FSH), mouse sperm analysis, and molecular diagnostics (PCR)
  • Necropsy Laboratory: Full necropsy service, whole body perfusion, tissue collection, training investigators in necropsy and tissue collection techniques
  • Histology Laboratory: Full range of histology services, special histochemistry stains (~30 stains), immunohistochemistry (~300 assays), In situ hybridization, multiplex labeling, frozen sections, custom IHC/ISH assay development, whole slide scanning 
  • Pathologists: Histopathology evaluations, consultation on model development, image and immunohistochemistry analysis support, laser capture microdissection 



Biorepository Overview
Biorepository Overview


Our laboratory personnel and the pathologists work closely with investigators to individually tailor our services to their needs.  Unlike many other institutions, our pathologists work on a collaborative basis rather than a fee-for-service.  We maintain state-of-the-art equipment to provide these services, such as automated stainers capable of multiplex immunohistochemical, immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization labeling. We also have a high-capacity whole slide scanner capable of detecting at least 5 different fluorochromes, and HALO Plus10 software, the most highly rated image analysis platform. Examples of services provided by the pathologists include phenotyping of genetically engineered mice, analysis of embryonic lethality, chemotherapy efficacy studies, toxicology studies, in keeping with the investigator’s objectives. 


[Collaboration] is at the heart of our Comparative Pathology Core. Our pathologists work to support scientists with different animal models, as interpreting histopathology is crucial to their research efforts.

David Ellison, Department Chair


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Photo of Laura Janke

Laura Janke, DVM, PhD

Director, Comparative Pathology Core