The Cytogenetics shared resource supports laboratory-based research and conducts various cytogenetic analyses with the mission to guide risk-directed cancer therapies. Available technologies can be utilized to analyze vertebrate genes, interrogate chromosomal structure and alterations, and determine cellular response to therapy. The CSR is currently engaged in studies designed to identify changes in core regulatory circuitry as they occur in living cells during the process of differentiation, with induction of new transcription factors and the discontinued expression of others and how these changes contribute to establishment of new cell identity.

Biorepository Overview
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The CSR has made many impactful discoveries from the initial cloning of the ALK gene to discovery of novel mechanisms of oncogene activation through analysis of 3D chromatin dynamics and formation of transcription condensates in cancer. In addition to traditional cytogenetic capabilities, the CSR has developed immunofluorescence protein staining combined with both RNA and DNA FISH which can be applied to cells derived from culture or tissues. The center is especially well positioned to contribute to improved understanding of transcription and identification of potential points of intervention in this process to control expression of individual genes. 


The cytogenetic core team has shown enormous research experience and are highly motivated to apply the most appropriate cutting-edge research tools to my research work. I really enjoy the close collaboration and science brainstorming with this team in the past years.

Chunliang Li, Assistant Member

Services and technologies

  • Standard G Band Karyotyping
  • Tumor cell lines, xenografts, somatic cell hybrids, targeted ES cell lines
  • Spectral Karyotyping (SKY)
  • Available for mouse and human samples
  • Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)
  • Mouse Transgene Mapping
  • Gene Copy Number Analysis
  • Gene Disruption and Fusion Analysis
  • RNA FISH (with DNA FISH, IF Protein Staining)
  • Fiber FISH
  • Flow FISH
  • Custom FISH assays