The mission of the FCCSSR is to provide investigators at St. Jude with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, services, and expertise in flow cytometry and cell sorting, for the analysis of fluorescently labeled cells and the purification of cell population by FACS or magnetic separation. This resource offers a full range of staff-provided services that is unusual in its breadth, from complete sample preparation to reagent provision to experimental execution and provision of results using flow analysis or cell sorting, all performed by our highly experienced staff. The resource serves as the center for expertise in this technology and is equipped with the highest-end instrumentation for staff operation and for independent use.

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This shared resource provides expertise in the technology of flow cytometry and cell sorting, which is widely applicable to many research programs at St. Jude across multiple departments. The range of services offered allows investigators to perform the latest experiments, performed by highly experienced staff using cutting-edge equipment, to generate high quality results. The FCCSSR works with between 70 and 100 independent investigators each year and is acknowledged as a contributor on 30-45 peer-reviewed publications annually.


The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting core is critical to our work. Our [model system] requires very complicated flow cytometry. The core was a real partner in that effort. Now we can do it quite routinely with their help.

Shannon McKinney-Freeman, Associate Member

Instrumentation and capabilities

  • 12) Flow analyzers: 2 BD Biosciences A5 SE Symphony analyzers – 5 or 6 laser spectral analyzers, 30+ colors; 2 Cytek Aurora spectral analyzers – 5 lasers, up to 40+ colors; 1 BD Biosciences A3 Symphony analyzer – 5 lasers/30 colors; 2 BD Biosciences Fortessa analyzers – 5 lasers/18 colors; 3 BD Biosciences Fortessa analyzers – 4-laser/17-color; 2 Cytek Aurora spectral analyzers – 5-laser spectral analyzers 40+ colors.
  • (8) Cell sorters: 3 BD Biosciences FACS Aria sorters – 4 lasers/18 colors; 2 BD Biosciences FACS Aria sorters – 5 lasers/18 colors; 1 BD Biosciences FACS Aria sorter – 6 lasers/18 colors; 1 ThermoFisher BigFoot spectral sorter – 7 lasers/30+ colors; 1 BD Biosciences FACS Melody sorter in BSC – 3-laser/9-color sorter.
  • (1) Magnetic cell separator: Miltenyi Biotec AutoMACS Pro
  • (4) Sample handlers for automated RBC lysis from whole blood: BD Biosciences Lyse Wash Assistants
  • Analysis workstation: Dell Precision workstation with FlowJo, DiVa and Spectroflo softwares


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Hongmei Shen, PhD

Director, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting