The Protein Production Facility (PPF) provides a large-scale protein expression and purification service in accordance with it’s mission to support the translation of discoveries in molecular and cellular biology to chemical and structural biology. The facility offers state-of-the-art technologies for protein expression/purification from E. coli, insect cell and mammalian cell (HEK293F) systems. We can also utilize the Vibrio natriegens (Vmax) and Pichia pastoris expression systems by special request. The facility is equipped incubators and fermenters for large scale cell growth and AKTA purification systems. 

Biorepository Overview
Biorepository Overview


The PPF has worked with St. Jude investigators from every research department on campus, expressing and purifying almost 2,000 different proteins for use in structural and biochemical characterization, high-throughput screens, and use as reagents or antigens. The Protein Production Facility aims to help investigators obtain pure proteins for biochemical assay and structure determination for the development of new anti-cancer and anti-infective drugs.


Working with the protein production team makes one forget how ‘slippery’ or ‘sticky’ or ‘stubborn’ some proteins can be. They can conjure up some of the most misbehaved proteins and do it at a scale that makes otherwise impossible studies possible.

Aseem Ansari, Member


  • Bacterial Expression
  • Baculovirus Expression
  • Mammalian Expression
  • Purification


  • 120L fermenter for bacterial growth    
  • Multiple 10L fermenters for bacterial and insect growth
  • AKTA Explorer purification systems
  • Robotic workstations for initial crystallization trials

By the numbers: 


success rate for protein expression and purification


of total cost incurred by the investigator


proteins expressed and purified for use


Richard Heath

Richard Heath, D.Phil

Director, PPF