Avian influenza vaccine (SJ-06-0013)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-06-0013


An animal vaccine composition and method effective in preventing or ameliorating avian influenza virus (“bird flu”) infection is provided.  The vaccine contains at least two inactivated viral strains with a combined hemagglutinin total of at least 200 HA/dose.


bird flu, vaccine, H5N1, H5N3

Granted patents or published applications

Granted patents in the US (9,072,701), Hong Kong, Africa (ARIPO) and China; and patents pending in Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, and Africa (OAPI).

Related scientific references

Webster, R.G. et al., “The immunogenicity and efficacy against H5N1 challenge of reverse genetics-derived H5N3 influenza vaccine in ducks and chickens”, Virology 351(2): 303-311 (2006).

Licensing opportunities

We are currently seeking nonexclusive licensing opportunities in all fields for the development of this technology. These patent rights are co-owned with Fort Dodge Animal Health, a division of Wyeth. Contact: chad.riggs@stjude.org

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