Efficient generation of T-Cell Receptor (TCR) sequences in response to a variety of immune responses (SJ-19-0017)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-19-0017


Researchers at St. Jude developed a multiplex primer panel of chimeric sequences designed to amplify TCR αβ sequences in an unbiased manner, which allows for a highly efficient analysis of the TCR repertoire. The tractable and efficient set of primers can be used to isolate paired TCR αβ sequences at the single cell level from a variety of immune responses such as viral infections, tumors, and autoimmune patients, which can then be used to design effective immune cell-based therapies. The method offers an unbiased approach with low ambiguity in pairing and contamination over other assays being used.    


cancer, immunology, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), T cell, multiplex primer panel, chimeric sequences, TCR αβ sequences, immune response, viral infections, tumors, and autoimmune, immune cell-based therapies

Granted patents or published applications

Pending US application and international application published as WO 2021/003114 A2 

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