Extradomain-B Fibronectin (EDB)-targeted CAR Immune Cell Therapy (SJ-19-0029)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-19-0029


Extradomain-B Fibronectin (EDB-FN or EDB) is an oncofetal version of fibronectin, which is expressed in a broad range of adult and pediatric solid tumors. Researchers at St. Jude have designed a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) that targets EDB (EDB-CAR). 

EDB-CAR T cells had potent antitumor activity in preclinical models that mimic human disease. In addition to targeting tumor cells, EDB-CAR T cells also recognized and killed the tumor vasculature. Lastly, infusion of EDB-CAR T cells was well tolerated with no apparent side effect.

In summary, St. Jude researchers have successfully generated EDB-CAR T cells that recognize and kill EDB-positive tumor cells and endothelial cells resulting in potent antitumor activity. While their studies have focused on expressing EDB-CARs in T cells, the designed EDB-CAR could be readily expressed in other immune cells (for example γδ T cells, iNKT cells, NK cells, or macrophages).


Immunotherapy, Extradomain-B Fibronectin (EDB-FN, EDB), chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), cancer, solid tumor, brain tumor, T cell, γδ T cells, iNKT cells, NK cells, macrophages.

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We are seeking partners to develop and commercialize this CAR for the adoptive cell therapies with immune cells including CAR T cells, abTCR T cells, gdT cells, NKT cells, NK cells, and/or macrophages. Contact: chad.riggs@stjude.org

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