Respiratory cell isolation and propagation for pathogen study (SJ-18-0028)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-18-0028


Researchers at St. Jude have invented methods to isolate and propagate primary nasal and tracheal epithelial cells from swine, ferrets, and mice. These cells will be useful in the:

  • Propagation of respiratory viruses including but not limited to influenza virus
  • Isolation of respiratory viruses from human clinical or animal/bird surveillance samples
  • Propagation of respiratory viruses for vaccine purposes
  • Potentially all the above with other respiratory pathogens including bacteria, fungi and parasites      

The researchers have optimized the protocols in order to isolate primary respiratory cells from a variety of species and in the case of swine cells, have proven that these cells can be propagated several times in culture beyond the initial passage, and the isolation of viruses from human and animal samples will be more sensitive with these cells.


Nasal tracheal epithelial cells, animal, virus propagation, respiratory, influenza, virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites

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