SCCRO peptide inhibitor (SJ-11-0014)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-11-0014


A research team here at St. Jude, led by Howard Hughes Medical Investigator Brenda Schulman, PhD, have discovered a peptide that inhibits cullin neddylation, a process required for proper cell proliferation. It could be useful for drug screening and peptide screening applications; which could have therapeutic potential for treating cancer, inflammatory disorders and/or or pathogenic infections.


Peptide inhibitor, screening method, drug discovery, enzyme, cancer, pathogen, inflammation

Granted patents or published applications

An Issued US Patent application, 9,447,156; covers this peptide, its pharmaceutical use and screening methods for identifying additional inhibitors

Related scientific references

The research underlying this discovery was reported as Scott, D.C. et al., Science 334:  674-678 (Nov. 4, 2011).

Licensing opportunities

We are currently seeking a corporate partner willing to commit their time and effort toward unlocking the therapeutic potential of this discovery. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact at your earliest convenience.

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