SJ293TS cell line (SJ-19-0054)

St. Jude Reference #SJ-19-0054


Researchers at St. Jude converted HEK293T/17 cells to grow in suspension using serum-free media to produce retroviral and other vectors for cGMP grade material.  This allows for direct upscaling of production protocols to large volumes rather than “out-scaling” (more of the same) to meet the same needs, taking the process from research to industrial scale.  It is far less labor intensive, eliminates expensive tissue culture plasticware and eliminates the need to produce small (vector) batches. Serum-free media eliminates animal-derived reagents, increasing safety and reducing costly post-production testing; and recovery yields increase two-fold.                                               

The cells (designated as SJ293TS) were provided to the Children’s cGMP which expanded the cells into a master cell bank.  That master cell bank has been tested and certified for cGMP usage.  It is currently being used to produce the clinical lentiviral vector for the trial “CatchAML” and other future lentiviral-based clinical trials. The related publication has a great deal of additional information.                


HEK293T/17 cells, serum-free media, retroviral, vector, cGMP, material, upscaling, industrial scale.

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Related scientific references

Throm et al., “Production of Lentiviral Vectors Using Suspension Cells Grown in Serum-free Media,” Molecular Therapy: Methods & Clinical Development Vol. 17 June 2020

Licensing opportunities

We are looking for partners to use this cell line to produce vectors. 

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