Our laboratory is devoted to facilitating the use of viral vector systems at St. Jude. We have significant expertise and experience with the following viral vector systems:

  • Adeno-associated viral vectors (serotypes 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9) 
  • Retroviral vectors 
  • Lentiviral vectors  


The Vector Development and Production Shared Resource supports viral vector-related research at St. Jude with dedicated, separate laboratory space for DNA construction and virus production and an archive of well-characterized cellular and plasmid reagents. The lab assists St. Jude investigators by providing both small-scale and large-scale vector production services for lentiviral, gamma-retroviral and Adeno-associated viral vectors.


A portion of our laboratory efforts are devoted to assisting researchers in the production of viral vector technology at St. Jude. We accomplish this in several ways, the simplest of which is the provision of validated plasmid reagents which can be transfected into SJ293TS-DPB cells for production of virus or used for the insertion of genes to make new, transfectable vector plasmids. 


  • (2) Cytiva Akta Avants (vector purification)
  • (2)  Beckman Coulter ultracentrifuges (vector concentration/purification)
  • Bio-Rad Autodg ddPCR system with two readers (titration/vector copy number determination)
  • Eppendorf epMotion 5075vt liquid handling robot (titration)
  • (2) Oxford Nanopore Minion (DNA/RNA sequencing)
  • (3) N-BioTek shaking incubators (culturing suspension cells for vector production). 


  • AAV, LV, & γRV Vector Requests
  • LV & γRV Production and Titration
  • AAV Production and Titration
  • Distributed Vector & Helper Plasmids
  • Recommended Protocols & Reagents
  • Vector Delivery and Charge Back to Cost Center


photo of Robert Throm

Robert Throm, PhD

Dr. Robert E. Throm is the Director of the Vector Laboratory at St. Jude. He earned a Ph.D. from the Indiana University School of Medicine with a specialization in Microbiology and Immunology, complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Indiana University. Since joining St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in 2001 Dr. Throm has been instrumental in advancing vector development, progressively assuming roles such as Senior Research Technologist and Scientific Manager, Clinical Vector Development, before becoming the Director in 2019. His pioneering work in designing and producing novel lentiviral and Adeno-associated viral vectors, including a revolutionary concatemeric array transfection technique, has significantly contributed to the vector field. Dr. Throm's dedication to biosafety and commitment to scientific progress position him as an invaluable asset to both St. Jude and the wider scientific community.

Meet the team

Clockwise from back row, left:
Jordan Beard, PhD, Lead Researcher
Brandon Lowe, PhD, Manager of Lab Operations
Francesca Ferrara, PhD, Scientist
Christopher Wincek, Lead Researcher
Matt Bauler, Lead Researcher
Robert Throm, PhD, Director
Matthew Wielgosz, PhD, Sr. Scientist-Managing.

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