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Cole is being treated for a brain tumor

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patient cole in a hospital bed

Dogs are Cole’s main love. He’s happiest when his dog, Stannis, is running alongside him

Cole loves being outdoors. He loves to camp and hike our local hills and trails.

Cole’s dad, Eric

cole with an eye patch

Cole during treatment for a cancerous brain tumor.


But his family was set off track when they learned he suffered from a rare, cancerous brain tumor called a medulloblastoma.

Cole underwent surgery at a local hospital near his home to remove a brain tumor and continued his care at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.


Families, like Cole's, will never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

cole and his family with their dog

Cole’s treatment at St. Jude included 30 rounds of proton therapy and four rounds of chemotherapy.

  1. He also received additional physical therapies, which helped him regain strength and focus on returning to all the activities he enjoyed before his diagnosis.

    cole, his mom and his dog walking on the beach

    Cole is happiest when his dog, Stannis, is running alongside him.

    In 2018, Cole finished treatment and returned home to California, and with it, a return to the active life he loves so much.

    Christen knows that Cole’s experiences will have a profound effect on him moving forward.

    His battle against cancer and the experiences he’s had will make him a better human being.

    Cole’s mom, Christen


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