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Research Highlights - Promise Winter 2018

Discoveries and Achievements

Winter 2018 Table of Contents

St. Jude patient looks through a microscope

Science comes to life

Ceylin Kubali looks through a microscope at one of the science fair stations under the guidance of Sajjan Koirala, PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology.

St. Jude patients and siblings recently teamed up with the hospital’s research staff for a Hands-on Science Fair.

Tim Folse, MD (center), was among dozens of faculty and staff attending

Hundreds of survivors and their families returned to the St. Judecampus in September for a celebration filled with reunions, reflections and camaraderie. Tim Folse, MD (center), was among dozens of faculty and staff who attended the event, which also featured speaker and best-selling author Wendy Harpham, MD.


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