St. Jude Miracle on the Bayfront

Presented by The White Room

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Thank you for joining us for the sixth annual St. Jude Miracle on the Bayfront Gala, presented by the White Room. Held in the heart of downtown St. Augustine, this signature event featured a gourmet dinner, cocktails, live entertainment, a live and silent auction and the story of a local St. Jude patient. 

All proceeds from this gala will further the lifesaving mission of St. Jude: Finding cures. Saving children.®


You can still support the lifesaving mission of St. Jude

Every gift you give makes a real impact in the lives of St. Jude kids and their families.

  1. One pair of crutches

    Crutches sized especially for children help them maneuver during treatment. Raising just $100 can help St. Jude provide the tools necessary for our young patients to stay mobile.

    1 pair of crutches
  2. One red blood cell transfusion

    Children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening diseases often need transfusions. The funds you raise can help St. Jude provide the best care and treatment for patients.

    1 red blood transfusion
  3. One hour of physical therapy

    Physical therapy helps ensure every child treated here enjoys the highest quality of life possible.

    1 hour of physical therapy
  4. Two days of oxygen

    During treatment, St. Jude patients may need oxygen to help their bodies function properly and aid in healing. Raising $750 can help cover the cost of two days of oxygen for a St. Jude patient.

    Patient family necessities for 20
  5. Patient family necessities for 20

    Parents who bring their children to St. Jude often leave home in a hurry and forget to pack day-to-day necessities, such as shampoos, razors, deodorant, toothbrushes and lotion. Your fundraising goal of $1,000 can ensure that parents at Tri Delta Place, our short-term housing facility, can obtain these essentials free of charge.

    Patient family necessities for 20

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*When you make a donation using this information, your donation will be used to provide breakthrough research, treatment and cures.  Items listed here are representative of services and supplies that are part of the treatment and care of children at St. Jude.  The cost of each item or service is an approximation, and will vary based on actual costs incurred and individual patient needs.  Your donation will be used for the general operating needs of St. Jude, where no family ever receives a bill for treatment, lodging, travel or food.


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Special thanks to The White Room for their generous donation of catering and venue cost in support of the life-saving mission of St. Jude.

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For event details, contact:

Chad Buschell
(305) 537-1427

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