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FY16-21 St. Jude Strategic Plan Milestones

More than six years ago, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital outlined priorities that would allow us to accelerate progress in the research and treatment of childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. The resulting FY16–21 St. Jude Strategic Plan charted a path for clinical and scientific program growth, infrastructure expansion and reimagined international outreach efforts. Working together, we made incredible gains. Below are a few of the accomplishments that have laid the foundation for continued progress:


Advancing care

Providing new hope to patients and families

young patient
  • Increased the number of new cancer patients accepted at St. Jude by 20%, providing each child with world-class medical care informed by the latest scientific research
  • Increased the number of patients enrolled on St. Jude–led clinical trials both on campus and off
  • Opened three new inpatient floors in the Kay Research and Care Center, providing a child-centric layout that includes family and staff respite spaces and interactive journey walls with exciting themes that encourage exercise, fellowship and mental stimulation
  • Hired a clinical director, chief nursing executive, three department chairs and other leaders who helped inspire, excite and focus the workforce on our lifesaving mission
  • Opened three specialty clinics—in pediatric melanomaendocrine tumors and histiocytic disorders—that provide patients and families nationwide with expert consultations, medical exams, educational seminars and valuable resources
  • Opened two new affiliate clinics, which enable children to receive care closer to their homes—bringing the total number of affiliate partners to eight that are spread across seven states in the South and Midwest
  • Launched the Patient and Family Experience Office to implement new amenities for patients and families—such as a concierge service, a new Family Commons area and a redesigned school program
  • Used gene therapy to cure X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (X-SCID), or bubble boy disease, and transform the lives of individuals with Factor IX deficiency, a form of hemophilia
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  • Hired three senior faculty in Hematology to lead our efforts in experimental hematology, clinical hematology and bone marrow failure syndromes
  • As part of Project SPARC (Serving Patients and Redefining Care), redesigned processes, spaces, roles and tools to improve operations, increase efficiency and enhance the work environment for health care providers, as well as the experience of patients and families
  • Created Our St. Jude, a mobile app that offers patients and caregivers quick and easy access to personalized, real-time updates on clinical appointments, campus events and myriad other pivotal details
  • Launched Together, a multilingual website that offers reliable and trustworthy information about childhood cancer biology, treatment and related psychosocial topics for patients and their families


Exploring new scientific boundaries

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advanced research center
  • Completed the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project, the world's most ambitious effort to discover the origins of pediatric cancer. Opened the clinical genomics service, which offers clinical genomic testing to every eligible cancer patient and established the Cancer Predisposition Clinic
  • Established St. Jude Cloud, an online data-sharing and collaboration platform that provides researchers access to the world’s largest public repository of pediatric cancer genomics data
  • Treated 800 patients in the world’s first proton therapy center dedicated solely to children
  • Established a clinical cancer immunotherapy program, which creates treatments that harness patients’ own tumor-specific T cells for cancer treatment
  • Completed construction of a three-story Data Center; a new Shared Resource Center, a 43,000-square-foot hub of discovery; and the Advanced Research Center, a $412 million research facility designed to inspire and support researchers and drive collaborations

Every child, everywhere

Finding cures and saving children—no matter where they live

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  • Hired an international leader and seven faculty members to guide the expansion of St. Jude's  international efforts
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  • To expand the reach of St. Jude, signed formal partnership agreements with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and other international organizations
  • Developed the St. Jude Research Collaboratives program, which funds multidisciplinary teams of scientists to work together and fill in knowledge gaps, thereby tackling previously unanswerable questions. Five research collaboratives were funded for a total investment of approximately $40 million.
  • Launched the Global COVID-19 Observatory and Resource Center for Childhood Cancer, an informational hub about kids with cancer and COVID-19, collecting data from nearly 50 countries 

Culture of excellence

Uniting the best and brightest in life-saving work

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  • To accomplish our most ambitious goals, we hired a chief financial officer/chief administrative officer, chief information officer, Human Resources director, and Strategic Planning and Decision Support director
  • Introduced the St. Jude Values to guide behaviors and decisions—ultimately empowering every employee to deliver on our mission
  • To help fulfill the institution’s lifesaving mission, we grew the overall workforce by 23%
  • Established Leadership Academy, an educational initiative designed to develop leaders at every level of the organization—and reimagined the Performance Management process as well as Your Voice, the annual employee satisfaction survey
  • Created Diversity and Inclusion Office, focused on developing policies, procedures, programs and analytic capabilities to ensure that St. Jude is a welcoming place to all—and that employees have the opportunity and voice to make the most of their careers
  • To unite and inspire faculty and staff and enhance collaboration, launched Town Hall meetings for all employees, a Blueprint Series to introduce staff to leaders, and other similar programs
  • Unveiled Yammer, an internal social media platform; multiple community-building employee groups; and the St. Jude GO employee mobile app to foster a culture of continuous improvement, stewardship and operational excellence
  • Opened an on-site health clinic and pharmacy to enhance the health and wellbeing of employees
  • Enhanced data capabilities and related tools

Selected scientific and medical publications

Emerging from FY16-21 St. Jude Strategic Plan