Cancer Predisposition Program


The Cancer Predisposition Program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps to evaluate and take care of children who are at increased genetic risk for cancer. We are a team of doctors, nurses and genetic counselors, who work together with families to find out if a child’s cancer might be inherited (passed down through the generations). We work closely with other St. Jude doctors and researchers to find new and better ways to help families who have a higher chance than normal to get cancer.

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Current Clinical Trials

Common reasons your child might be referred to our program:

  • Your child has a cancer that might be linked to a specific genetic condition
  • Your child does not have a cancer, but has a genetic condition that increases the risk to get it
  • Close family members have a genetic condition that increases the risk to get cancer and you want to find out whether your child may also be at risk
  • Your child has certain body features that could mean a greater risk to develop cancer.

Read The Cancer Predisposition Program brochure to find out what you can expect during your visit.



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