Path to a Bright Future Partner Spotlight: Black Women’s Health Imperative

As the first and only national nonprofit dedicated to achieving health equity for Black women, the Black Women’s Health Imperative leads health policy, education, research, knowledge and leadership efforts to improve health outcomes for the nation’s 23 million Black women and girls.

Illustration for Black Women's Health Imperative

In addition to its signature programs addressing diabetes, heart disease, equitable workplaces, HIV and the distribution of menstrual products, the Black Women’s Health Imperative provides education and advocates for equitable administration of vaccinations, including the HPV vaccine.

The Black Women’s Health Imperative also addresses racial disparities in cervical cancer, noting that Black women in the U.S. are twice as likely to die from cervical cancer than white women and are more likely to be diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer than any other racial group, which can lead to worse outcomes. To reduce these disparities, the Black Women’s Health Imperative encourages Black women to commit to regular health exams, screenings such as a Pap test, and vaccinations like the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

For more information about the Black Women’s Health Imperative and their programs, please visit their website.

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